Bring your software project into focus.

Rogue Prognosticator eliminates the barriers to accurate estimation and progress monitoring for agile developers and teams. It's agile estimation done right.

We believe that systems and processes are just tools, and as such, only as valuable as their ability to stay out of your way. Being Agile and Lean is about efficiency, and a burdensome process is the enemy of efficiency. That's why we've put together a system that's incredibly lightweight yet effective; a system that maximizes insight from a minimum of input.

We also believe that there is no reason any project, large or small, with a single developer or a global team, should be impossible to estimate accurately or schedule realistically. To that end, we've built Rogue Prognosticator. It's completely free to use, and even registration is simple.

Rogue Prognosticator is a tool for organizing ideas

(in whatever way works for you)

estimating and feasibility checking

(to help see where you're going)

planning and scheduling

(to see when you'll get there)

tracking progress and measuring velocity

(to keep things running smoothly)

…online collaboration

(when it's a team effort)

…and providing transparency and motivation.

(Because everyone likes to see a light at the end of the tunnel.)

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